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Oddity.Tunguska.se Site

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21st May

Check out the collaboration website of Oddity and Tunguska – oddity.tunguska.se     Built with php, html5 and css3 using popcorn.js for some features. (Popcorn is basically a toolset for syncing stuff on your site with a video using javascript )  The design is inspired but the concept of the sketch, the unfinished rough idea put onto paper; often beautiful in it’s own way. A type of aesthetic we like.  The site is only in Swedish at the moment, but try google-translate, although I  haven’t tried it myself.
The video is just a exercise in website case-studies. It´s basically some browsing, showing off features and design.   It might be a tad to long and boring ;-) Feel free to use the video timeline scrollbar in a rough manner :-)…


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10th May

If you want to check out an older project or just miss the old design; check out archive.oddity.se  where the old site is contained, but just barely. During the years stuck on the Internet it started to grow something of a neural process, a intellect of sorts. After all the sweatshop style hard labor it had to suffer, the day might come when it retaliates on humanity. Lets keep our finger crossed shall we.…

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