Oddity is multidisciplinary production company focusing on Ideas, Design, Directing and Production.
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Oddity – Ideas in motion

Oddity is multidisciplinary production company focusing on Ideas, Design, Directing and Production.

Our body of work includes Commercials, Music videos, Title sequences, TV-billboards. We combine new and traditional techniques in our productions. 3D animation and High def video to cardboard cutouts and Super-8.

We did in 2011 also start to extend our tentacles into new adjacent multidimentional gracing grounds. Namely developing and producing content in the wonderful world of Transmedia Storytelling.

Mathias Erixon
Mathias Erixon

Creative Chieftain 

Mathias Erixon is the proprietor and creative chieftain of Oddity. He is as most people not that used to talking about himself in third person. But thats how it is.

His skillset include Motion Graphic Design & Animation; Concept Development, Directing & Production. 

Through Oddity  and as a freelancer Mathias has produced and/or worked on Commercials, Corporate films and Music videos for Absolut Vodka, Audi, Electrolux, Eurocities , Freephoo, Fotografiska, Friends Arena,  Global fund, Grant Thornton, Guldägget, Handelsbanken, Kolmården, Metro International, the Nobel Foundation, the Rolling Stones, Southern Comfort, Fredrik “Benke” Rydmans´Svansjön, Telenor & Wasa Crispbread.

Over the years he has also  directed musicvideos for the Endless, KVLR, Convoj, 2 x Nutmeg, Gopher and Psycho Sonic Cindy.
The first Nutmeg video was shown more than 86000 times on YouTube as it was released. It was also featured on YouTubes own startpage and was part of the lineup in filmfestivals in over 15 locations worldwide.

History: At the end of the last century Mathias went the Film school route via some Motion Graphics and 3D animation training at the Capital School situated in the deep-freeze warehouse by the docks.  It was not at all that hostile as it sounds. After some cloak and dagger freelanceing and employment in the business he started Oddity in 2002. Only one year after the prophesied “Space Oddity”…or was that Odyssey, well whatever…  Some of Oddity’s old sins can be found in the old site: archive.oddity.se  2011 Mathias procured some Transmedia knowledge by participating in the first class of Crossmedia-”From storytelling to distribution” put up by Joffe Rydberg Lidén & Mirko Lempert at DI (Now SADA; Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts )


Grubs Marlin

Grubs generally works chimerically through his venture GrubsGenius Innovations. He is an inventor, exo-antropologist and scientist.

Grubs has an unusual talent for bartering, promoting and selling the strangest of gadgets. Between his many travels he is working on finishing a web shop for all his strange contraptions. He has a newfound affection for Twitter and communicates his whereabouts, actions and findings via @GrubsMarlin.

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