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1+1 = 3 = Transmedia & Crossmedia
1+1 = 3 = Transmedia & Crossmedia

Transmedia Storytelling  is a term used more frequently and has become something of a favorite expression in Hollywood in recent years.

What the exact meaning of these words are is for some reason in constant discussion among “Media Academics” . Let´s not go there. Some might therefor disagree with my simplified explanation, but that’s OK.

 In Transmedia Storytelling, we let the consumer / viewer follow a story across multiple media and platforms, traditional and new ones. One common route is to make one platform the main one and then creates additional layers of story around it. These layers could be parallel story lines, character studies and back-stories, exploration of the storyworld and it´s origin. Other ideas might be the gamification of certain themes, situations or characters and more participatory elements such as user-created content; be it drawings, written words or the creation and filming of sockpuppets. Or why not a branching interactive storyline with heavy user to user interaction.

 The focus has shifted a bit and the traditional linear stories will have to leave room for the fictional universe that can be explored in both films, webisodes, and books, storytelling by fictional characters in the various social media, or, why not, surpricing events in the viewer’s own everyday – a call or a handwritten letter from one of the fictional characters, where they in dramatic phrasing, ask you for help or to complete a task.

 Transmedia gives us the opportunity and ability to provide the consumer / viewer content that is the correct size and length, is given at the right time and place and has the right conditions to form a larger, more profitable and coherent experience.

 The story / product / offer may therefore be adapted to the target audience and provided in their favorite channel for media consumption.

Examples of Transmedia Projects
Examples of Transmedia Projects

Here are some rabbit holes  leading into Transmedialand.  I will over time try to compile a small list of successful campaigns and  projects; large and small.
The large ones  are easier to spot so I will start with some of them ;-)

Happy browsing!

Large scale projects:


Game of Thrones


The Matrix & Avatar

Dark Knight Returns

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