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Life – Kolmården Dolphinarium Show

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14th June

Oddity helped Grafala make the 25+ minutes of 3d and 2d animated ride/setpiece film for huge screen projection as part of the Dolphinarium experience named “Life” at Kolmården Zoo and Dolphinarium. Oddity was involved in Design and Concept; R&D (Dynamic, growing palm covered tropical islands et.c), 3d animation and compositing. I´ll post more images soon.   Link to Kolmården site (In Swedish) Google Translate link

Svansjön (Swan lake)

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9th May

Oddity animated hoards of cockroaches in 2d and 3d to respond to the moves of the live dancers of the show. Particle & Dynamic simulations were used to make the critters fall off in a realistic way.
 The show in question is the brainchild of  former “Bounce” member Fredrik ”Benke” Rydmans. This is his version of the famous Swan Lake ballet. This time with a lot of new modern music and variations of street dance. The insects were ordered to go by production company Grafala whom was in charge of all other animation and graphics for the show. Some kind of video representation will be put here soon.
Client: Grafala
Endclient: Blixten & Co…

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