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Super short teaser: After the total, rapid and aggressive disassembly of Auster Timbals new neighbourhood, he was quick on his two feet again; running for the gate as always. As the triangular drones increased in numbers, nothing pointed to a decline in the current rate of destruction. He saw it best to get of the godforsaken rock altogether; back in orbit then he could slow down and think, maybe decide on a heading. Before Noon Only 72 hours earlier he... Read More »

The Bear Trap is a Hard Science Fiction transmedia project in early development. The narrative was initially intended to be told as an animated web distributed series and an online/mobile comic. This will  be scaled down to text ( most likely more prosaic in nature than originally intended) and audio  with short video clips (live or animated) for general seasoning. The platforms will explore different story-lines and other main characters within the same story-world. The story of Bear Trap is... Read More »

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Utterances of late

BearTrap Fragment #3 – The new down

Running down the inner surface of the cylinder that was the engineering deck of the Sceptic, his mind raced.

BearTrap Fragment #2 – Childhood Memories

Through the large hyperdiamond windows of the cargobay door  he can see the large surface of Gandymede capitalize his...

BearTrap Fragment #1 – Orbital Sundown

At orbital sundown Kody entered the mess hall. He felt that something had changed. Something small. He could not...