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Circus Zlatan

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16th March

An animated title sequence for the documentary “Rene möter Circus Zlatan” on Swedish TV. A interview with swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Designed and animated by Mathias Erixon, Oddity Productions.
Produced with Thelma/Louise. Sound and Online by T&L…

Convoj – My Timekeeping Heart

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11th March

An urban music video for the band Convoj from Gothenborg, Sweden. The members of the band are projected onto buildings and such in Stockholm, New York och Berlin. The video uses a mix of video, photography and computer animation.…

Rolling Stones “Plundered My Soul”

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22nd February

Oddity helped out on some of the transition elements in this music video for Rolling Stones new/old single “Plundered My Soul” The video was made by Filmtecknarna, Director: Jonas Odell.
Compositing & Animation: Jonas Odell, Marcus Krupa, Axel Hallgren & Mathias Erixon.…

Spooky Scary – Five Second Project HD720P

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10th May

Yet another take on capturing the quiet country life. My parents generation had to make up their own toys to play with – and they tried to make us do the same…
Maybe not the best idea?
My entry for the 5 Second Project with the theme “Spooky Scary ” for greyscalegorilla.com
Tango tune found on ccMixter – ccmixter.org and was made by Cdala – ccmixter.org/files/Cdala/19270″; Cdala / CC BY 3.0…

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